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Welcome to Boot and Shoe Service, a great place for any food lover. Whether you are a home baker or a talented chef, you will be served excellent food service and find interesting information related to the field.

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Food Service

Boot and Shoe Service always believes that eating awakens your taste buds and is a way to awaken the senses. Therefore, a dish should have a delicious taste and be aesthetically pleasing, impressing your eyes.

We do not simply provide a food service with the above idea in mind. The restaurant also hopes to provide a perfect experience in many aspects, helping you to have enjoyable moments with your great passion.

From coffee cups with unforgettable flavors and unique decorations to simple but irresistible noodles, the restaurant's chefs always try to improve the quality by bringing the best products.

It can be that Boot and Shoe Service is the place where creative delicacies appear, sure to satisfy the stomach of any customer. 

We are proud to be a frequent address for anyone who loves to eat and drink, able to satisfy even the most demanding diners.

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Kitchenware review service

We are not simply an address specializing in serving customers delicious dishes with unforgettable flavors. We always want to have more and more customers who love and pursue the art of cooking.

Therefore, Boot and Shoe Service is always happy to share kitchen products that help you make your cakes, soft drinks, and many other delicious dishes at home.

Visit the Boot and Shoe Service website, and you'll find the most detailed and unbiased reviews of grill pans, knife sets, and more. 

All reviews are towards assisting your appliance selection process, thereby indirectly creating the delicious meals you've always been looking for.

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Why Should You Choose Our Restaurant ?

Boot and Shoe Service is not only an address that meets the expectations of any diners but can also give you suggestions and recommendations about the products you need to create your own delicious dishes at home.

The types of products we evaluate include:


Many diners are curious about the secret to making cakes taste and want to know the tools we use to make great cakes.

But surely you will be surprised when all the tools in the restaurant's kitchen are very simple. Not expensive names, the secret to choosing a toaster (Best convection toaster oven), our cake machine is suitable for the types of cakes you want to make and the usage habits of the excellent chefs at Boot and Shoe Service.

If you are also looking for products suitable for your purposes and baking habits, we are always ready to share them with you. Here, you can find detailed instructions for choosing an oven (best 24 inch wall oven)- a seemingly simple appliance that is more difficult to determine than you think. You can also get quite a few of our recommendations for the best air fryer ( What is the best air fryer for fried chicken in 2022) models today.

We can confidently say that, no matter what particular model of baking machine you need, we can provide you with helpful instructions.

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Coffee & Tea

As you can see on the menu, in addition to cakes, drinks such as coffee and tea are also the restaurant's strengths. With years of experience in searching for products that help optimize work, we can confidently recommend you the best Coffee Maker or Automatic espresso machine models.

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If you're interested in juices and smoothies, we'd be happy to share how to choose and what products are worth investing in so far. We believe that the Blender Juicer, and devices introduced will be really helpful for you.

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With the orientation to become a trusted site specializing in providing the most honest and useful reviews of kitchenware, we also spend a lot of time and effort learning, testing, and sharing about kitchen appliances like cookware.

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At Boot and Shoe Service, you can find detailed and useful reviews on the most basic items like rice cookers ( Our Top Picks For Best Rice Cooker). Or are you looking for a specialized knifes (Check out the best knifes for buying now)  to cook dishes that require a noodle-based process? You can all be satisfied with the information that the blog provides.


In addition to the equipment to help prepare food, the kitchen is indispensable for household items to help preserve or handle food and leftovers.

However, unlike many people's imagination, choosing these seemingly familiar devices can cost you a lot of time and effort to search, compare and select.

That is also why in addition to providing information about cooking equipment, we also constantly research and share with you many other products such as kitchen hygiene equipment.

And with our review and sharing of articles, we are confident that we can be a useful reference for you, whether you are simply looking for a trash can or have a larger waste treatment need garbage disposals.

Boot and Shoe Service's food service include Cafe, Dinner, and Drinks. But not limited by the available dishes, we always try to change and improve to meet our diners' expectations.

Here is the menu that you can refer to:








  • Gin, Tequila And Mezcal, Vodka, Whisk(E)Y,


  • Torino Spritz, Leatherneck Special, New Orleans Buck, Pizzaiolo, Modified Elephant Joke, Scoff Law, Monk's Garden, Housemade Tonic


  • BEER

Restaurant Space

The hustle and bustle of modern life make you want to find peaceful moments at your favorite restaurant and enjoy delicious drinks in a space that is both spacious and cozy?

With Boot and Shoe Service, you'll get the great space you've always been looking for. In addition to attracting diners with the rich menu, Boot and Shoe Service also impresses with its unique space.

Nostalgia, a bit retro but still emphasizing warmth, is the main inspiration to build Boot and Shoe Service.

We hope that, from the color scheme to the scenery, the restaurant's layout will give diners the warmest and most comfortable feeling possible.

Besides the warmth and strong impression of retro style, coming to the shop, you are also satisfied with the spacious space.

We always try to improve the service space further to ensure that each customer who comes to the restaurant can find a comfortable, quiet, and private room.

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Location & Time Open


Boot and Shoe Service is located at 3308 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610.

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Moving Guide

You can get to Boot and Shoe Service located at 3308 Grand Avenue by bus, train, or other means.

By bus, you can travel from route 29, 57, NL. Meanwhile, with trains, you can board trains from Nordstrom Rack San Leandro, San Leandro, or From Transbay Temporary Terminal, Financial District.

Final Words

Boot and Shoe Service is a restaurant and a place for you to relax and follow your culinary passion. In addition to the above two roles, we are also very pleased to be able to become a reputable address specializing in providing in-depth reviews of kitchen equipment.

From there, we hope to help all Boot and Shoe Service diners to create their delicious dishes in their kitchen.

If you have any questions or feedback about your experience of using our services, please contact us via the email address attached above.

We will try to provide a timely response to assist. Thanks for visiting!

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