Jen was born in Connecticut, but had a nomadic youth, living all over the continental United States, but sticking mostly to the east and west coasts. She grew up in an Italian family with a mother who was an amazing cook. As a child she ate everything within reach. She loved food & asked her mother to teach her to cook, but her mother declared that she just didn’t “have it”. Driven by this comment and having a will to prove herself, cooking became a passion and the rest is history! She has had the opportunity to work for several James Beard Award winning chefs, where she has been influenced by an array of culinary styles and techniques. She has settled in the Bay Area and feels at home at the Boot thanks to the incredible staff and Charlie’s eccentric and awesome take on simple food. When she’s not in the kitchen, you can probably find her sporting Seattle Seahawks gear, reading about nutrition or enjoying a run around Lake Merritt!