As an adult I dabbled in photography, fashion design and music production, but through self discovery and fatherhood, I found a career as a Acupuncturist with a focus on introducing traditional Chinese medicine in food preparation for health and well being. My passion for food came at a young age when my mom taught me how to wash, clean and cook vegetables, and to soak meat in a salt & sugar brine before cooking. The moments we spent in the kitchen helped me to understand that life can be enhanced by something as simple as adding salt and pepper to a steak. The intersection of food and service is where I feel most at home and I am happy to be a member of the Boot & Shoe Service team. Every day I am reminded that food is absolute, so when I’m in my kitchen with my daughter, you can bet I’m teaching her what my mom passed on to me, “though your spice cabinet may be full of spices, it is important to let the true essence of the product shine.”